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WEBINAR: Transfer Pricing in Slovenia & CEE/SEE Regions

Map and key highlights from the webinar on Transfer Pricing Slovenia CEE SEE, featuring comparisons and strategies.
Insights from Our Webinar on Transfer Pricing Systems in Slovenia and the CEE/SEE Regions

A Tax International recently collaborated with Pride Partners International™ to host a webinar on Slovenia's Transfer Pricing System and its comparison with other countries in the CEE and SEE regions. The replay is now available on our website for those who missed the live event or wish to review the content.

Webinar Overview: The session, led by our experts Martin Zalar, Mitja Lukan, and Jani Pogačar, covered Slovenia's transfer pricing regulations and practices, alongside a comparison with 14 jurisdictions within the CEE and SEE regions, including Croatia, Serbia, and Romania, among others.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Slovenia's transfer pricing framework: An overview of local legislation and guidelines.

  • Comparative analysis: Differences and similarities in transfer pricing across the CEE and SEE regions.

  • Case study: A closer look at Slovenia's approach to intercompany service recharges.

Replay Access: The webinar is aimed at finance, taxation, and regulatory compliance professionals seeking insights into transfer pricing. To watch the replay, click on the link below:

This webinar reflects our ongoing effort to provide practical, insightful content on transfer pricing and international tax matters. We hope you find the session informative and useful for your professional needs.

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