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Important Simplifications in Trade with Switzerland

Starting from January 1, 2024, Switzerland will abolish tariffs on goods classified under tariff chapters 25 to 97, with the exception of certain agricultural products falling under tariff chapters 35 and 38. While customs procedures will remain unchanged, this tariff removal will reduce costs for companies importing products into Switzerland, as current duties vary based on the origin of the goods. As there will no longer be a need to ensure adequate processing or appropriate composition to obtain preferential origin and more favorable customs treatment, this change brings simplifications for companies exporting their products to Switzerland.

At the same time, there will be a simplification in the nomenclature, which will be reduced from 9,114 tariff numbers to 7,511 tariff numbers, as a more detailed subdivision is no longer meaningful due to the tariff removal. The motivation behind this decision is to enhance welfare, estimated at a value of 860 million CHF. This measure is expected to positively impact the competitiveness of the Swiss industry through lower prices of imported materials and subsequently lower costs, leading to cheaper products for general consumption.

You can read more details on the Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs website.

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